SCALE 1:50
in collaboration with Emergis | 2016 - 2017

Fascinated by the way water plays with light, Luïsa Jacobse designed three instruments that show the mesmerizing effect of sunlight that is absorbed, scattered or reflected when it hits the surface. Placed outside a mental health care centre, they explore both the material and mental meaning of ‘reflection’.

Two hemispheres divided by a gentle stairs allow you to walk through water, seeing the surface at eye-level when you’re halfway. A corridor with a see-through water roof projects the moving ripples on the walls and floor. And a series of stepping stones guide you into a cone, offering a soothing hideout for contemplation.

text written by Willemijn de Jonge
photo taken by Iris Rijskamp

On an architectural scale the combination between both meanings becomes valuable. Now the physical experiments are translated into life-size experiences. This tangible meaning shapes the experience and routing and the mental reflection becomes of value in the way the visitor interprets the context it is placed in. 

Emergis is such a mental healthcare centre, near Goes: a town in the province of Zeeland. This is where my personal fascination has its source, it is there where there is a shared thought of both values of reflection and that is why it is brought where it belongs. 

© 2019 Vader Jacobse