DIMENSIONS: 200 X 200 X 150 CM
in collaboration with Maxime Benvenuto | 2015

A strict rhythm of lines forms the base for a lively playfield where abstract shapes and colours start to become spaces of atmosphere. This is brought together by time (changing by the colour of the light), perspective (framing of abstract situations) and references (to what we recognize. The images of these appearing situations are framed moments of the playfield, suggesting to be spaces.

The structure built around it was to support our approach: the table was brought up to eye-level to give us a different view on the field and to analyze the appearing situations. The structure on itself divided the totality in three levels: there is the foundation and support level, the ground level and the upper level.
In the 15th century some Italian painters started painting three-dimensional worlds onto flat surfaces. With the arrival of the perspective, they could show the landscape in its full potential. One of the used techniques to do so was by dividing the canvas in three levels. The proportion towards people and things in the paintings became of sudden importance, like how we meant the table to function as well. The table got translated into a “flat” grid, showing these different layers.

© 2019 Vader Jacobse