commissioned by DELA uitvaartverzorging | 2015

Dutch for: The Later Supper
Nowadays people are able to live longer thanks to enhanced medicinal possibilities. After a diagnosis, people can get an estimate on how long they have to live. This time can be shorter, but also longer than expected. How do you and the people around you deal with this “extra” time?

We were asked by DELA to give the church and monastery of Mariënhage a reinterpretation of its space and its use. The decrease of interest from our generation in the church was the starting point to rethink the program.
The overall mentality of living life for the post-mortem has been replaced by a shared thought of living in the now.

The extra time can be tough for the person itself, but maybe even more for close relatives. Talking about the past, the now and the future can support one and another. The idea of having a feast has it both: the motive of celebrating life and food as a conversation starter. The link between the old - and the new program has its origin in its context: to take the Christian “feast“ of The Last Supper and giving it a new meaning. Jesus had a motive to talk about the live changing events that were about to happen in the near future, such as will happen for a person who does not have long to live.

The event will take place on the balcony of the church. It is an open yet intimate space. It connects the location to the city. The setting of the original painting by DaVinci will be copied: everyone sits next to each other at one side of the table. In the back there will be no hills, but the city of Eindhoven. A camera to document the event for a later moment will now replace the view of the painter.

Het Later Avondmaal
voor later, als ik er niet meer ben

Kom naast me zitten.
Wil je wat te drinken? Er is ook genoeg te eten.
Laten we het leven vieren.
Want wat hebben we een mooie tijd gehad samen.
En straks, als ik er niet meer ben
Zijn het die herinneringen en dit moment
wat er van ons - voor jou achter blijft.


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